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Attending the dentist’s office can be a fun, easy experience for well-behaved children. Use the following tips to help your kids practice good behavior before, during, and after their visits to the dentist.


Getting the proper amount of sleep can make a night-and-day difference for your kids’ behavior. Cranky children are rarely calm, so ensure your children get a full night’s sleep — and maybe a nap — before their dental visits. Also, consider bringing along their favorite comfort items or toys. A beloved item or toy nearby can help a child recognize that trips to the dentist’s office can be comfortable and pleasant.

Before leaving the house, treat them to a light, healthy snack like grapes or apples. Even a small treat can make visiting the dentist a lot easier for your kids. If one or more of your children have never been to the dentist before, or if they don’t understand the importance of visiting the dentist regularly, try explaining why dental appointments are important for keeping their teeth healthy. Appreciating the necessity of dental appointments can help children relieve worries that might lead to misbehavior.


Hand your child activities to work on or toys to play with while they wait. A toy, a video game, or even homework can completely distract your children in the waiting area. Additionally, remain calm and close during your visit. If your children are feeling fidgety, try walking around together a bit while you wait.


After your visit, recognize your children for their good behavior. Praise is a great motivator, so if your children behaved well during their visit, then let them know ASAP! Don’t forget to remind them about appropriate behavior before additional appointments.

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