At a dental checkup, we perform a thorough cleaning, removing any plaque and calculus buildup with our instruments and polishing the teeth with our special prophy paste. The dentist will perform a thorough examination of the teeth and soft tissues, checking for cavities, proper development, and any dental anomalies. When the appointment is finished, a fluoride varnish is applied to your child’s teeth in order to help strengthen their enamel and prevent decay. Many randomized controlled clinical studies have shown that fluoride varnish applied every six months is effective in preventing cavities in the primary and permanent dentition in children and adolescents.

We recommend that all children visit the dentist every 6 months. In doing so, we are able to maximize your child’s chances for maintaining ideal oral health by identifying and repairing decay that may arise at an early stage, recommending any interceptive orthodontics that may be necessary throughout development, and monitoring oral hygiene and dietary practice.