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While altering diet to thwart certain hurtful foods is an awesome idea, there are some creative additional methods that can help your child avoid the growth of bottle rot. If juice is something your child likes, consider watering it down. If your child likes cake or a baked treat, don’t frost it as much. Opt for non-gummy, non-tough candies over gummies and hard candies. Do what you can to lower the overall sugar consumption of your child and they’ll have a much better possibility of dodging tooth erosion.

While there aren’t many different classifications of baby bottle tooth decay, the majority of the disease can differ. If the child has had far too many bottles with sugary substances, like soda or juice, their condition might be worse than a child who developed a slight decay after sucking on a sugar-dipped pacifier on a few occasions. Effects range from minor infection and early cavities to total tooth loss and gum disease.

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