Pregnancy and Dental Care

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or if you are pregnant, you have a great deal on your mind. There are visits to the doctor, you need to pick out furniture for the nursery, baby clothes bottles and diapers. And of course, you need to find a name for the newest member of your… Read more »

The Virtues of Dental Sealants

Are you tired of getting cavities? Dental sealants can help! These are coatings placed on the surfaces of your molars which give your teeth an extra layer of protection. Here are some fun facts about the virtues of dental sealants: -Dental sealants are especially effective for children. In fact, dentists typically recommended getting them placed… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Teeth

Your child’s baby teeth are important to his or her development. These teeth help them chew, speak, and smile. The primary teeth also hold the place for the permanent teeth to grow in. The health of the baby teeth is important because when one is lost too early, the permanent teeth can shift into the… Read more »

Visit Your Pediatrician Today!

Getting your child’s first dental exam by the age of 1 is very important in preventing decay and cavities, even if there may be some apprehension when you take them for their first dental appointment. Be sure to bring them into Dr. Austin Bowden’s office to get a professional, pediatric exam to prevent early childhood… Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Thumb Sucking Prevention

Although it may appear natural for children to want to suck their thumbs, the problem with the habit is that is can seriously alter and hinder their oral health and should be discouraged whenever it occurs. The basics of thumb sucking prevention begins with helping your child whenever possible. Create an improved oral health identity… Read more »

Important Information Nursing Moms Need to Know For Dental Health

Breastfeeding is an intimate and personal experience with an infant, where a mother and her baby can bond, and is a healthy start to life. Studies show there are a plethora of benefits associated with breastfeeding, such as lowered incidences of breast and ovarian cancer and increased immunity. Other benefits include a reduction in baby… Read more »

Simple Facts About Teething

Teething is a natural as teeth themselves. With all individuals who have teeth, they break the surface of the gums at a certain age, typically starting around 6 months of age. However, the process can often be painful and cause discomfort in children, especially infants. This process is called teething. Listed below are some tips… Read more »

Don’t Lose the Battle Against Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

If you wish to strengthen your child’s smile, focus on the care you give to their early teeth and their relationship to their baby bottle. Oftentimes, oral contamination or dental erosion can occur due to their baby bottle and more specifically the products you put in it. If left unattended, your child can fall asleep… Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry Can Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

Do you want to keep your child’s smile healthy? If so, you are not alone. It is natural to want to keep your child away from negative things that may damage their health, which is why pediatric dentistry may be needed for your child’s smile. Here at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry in Timonium, Maryland, we… Read more »

Teaching Kids Good Behavior Before, During, and After a Dental Visit

Attending the dentist’s office can be a fun, easy experience for well-behaved children. Use the following tips to help your kids practice good behavior before, during, and after their visits to the dentist. BEFORE Getting the proper amount of sleep can make a night-and-day difference for your kids’ behavior. Cranky children are rarely calm, so… Read more »